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Soft Shell Heirloom Almonds - Satarbai - Ziba Foods - Heirloom Afghan Nuts and Dried Fruits
Soft Shell Heirloom Almonds - Satarbai

Soft Shell Heirloom Almonds - Satarbai

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Satarbai soft-shell almonds are Afghanistan’s most prized nut, bar none. The Satarbai family of Almonds have uniquely soft shells, a distinctive and unusual long shape with pointed ends, very light coloration, excellent flavor, and no bitter kernels.

Already highly sought-after throughout India and the Middle East where they are given traditionally as gifts during festivals and weddings, they are considered by many to be the finest almonds in the world. Satarbai almonds are typically sold in-shell, cracked in the hand and enjoyed raw.

Samangan and Balkh Provinces, northern Afghanistan

Unique characteristics
Soft shell, pointed shape, light color,
sweet flavor, lower moisture, higher protein and fat content vs. California varieties

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