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Heirloom Almonds - Shakhurbai (Dry Roasted & Salted)

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An ancient heirloom variety from Afghanistan, Shakhurbai almonds are a good source of protein. They are dry-roasted without oil and lightly dusted with Afghan salt, and are delicious as a snack or made into almond milk, nut butter, or dessert.

Benefits of our heirloom almonds:

  • Easy, quick snack
  • Sweet and nutty flavor
  • More protein than California almonds
  • Only natural almonds and salt, no chemicals

shakhurbai almonds - samangan

Our Shakhurbai almonds grow in Samangan province, in the north of Afghanistan. An heirloom variety handed down for generations, these almonds are grown using traditional farming techniques. The fertile lands of this region provide an ideal environment for almond trees to thrive. The harvest season for Shakhurbai almonds spans from September to October, allowing the nuts to reach their full maturity and flavor profile. This produces Shakhurbai almonds that have a flavor notes of vanilla and a sturdy, crunchy structure.