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Tree-Dried Apricots (With Pit) - Ziba Foods - Heirloom Afghan Nuts and Dried Fruits
Tree-Dried Apricots (With Pit)

Tree-Dried Apricots (With Pit)

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Unsulphured tree-dried apricots are grown mainly in central provinces of Afghanistan including Bamyan and Daykundi. They are cultivated using traditional methods which include being dried on the tree, which prevents browning caused by contact with the ground. As a result, our apricots retain their light coloration without the need for sulphur treatment commonly used in commercial dried apricots around the world. Small in size with intensely sweet flavors, a handful of tree-dried apricots make for an excellent and nutritious snack.

Central Afghanistan

Unique characteristics
Dried on the tree to retain light color without the need for sulphur treatment

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